Let's chat about Sustainable Library Programming!

Hi everyone!

We’re planning on running a workshop in April (with Lissette @geee!) on remix strategies for more sustainable library programming (around Facilitating Creative Learning).

  • Is this something you’ve been thinking about?
  • Have you developed strategies for addressing sustainability?

Here are some initial thoughts:

  • Using organic materials, or locally available materials (concerns about liabilities, for specific items)
  • Reduce waste by focusing on creative playful experiences rather than creating a final product OR create objects that continue to be a socially playful experience.

100% agree with creating playful experiences rather than final product. For example, my book club for age 9-11 recently read “Cardboard Kingdom” by Chad Sell, and we used all the cardboard from a recent Ikea purchase to make swords etc., then they had a giant battle, then they brought them home. They had complete imaginative freedom for what they made (I wasn’t even expecting the swords or the battle), there was a lot of trial and error, and I was thrilled that all that Ikea cardboard packing was used for something else!


That must have been so much fun for them! I wonder if they continued to play with it even after the book club, or maybe want to come back for more battles with new homemade creations.