Kwanzaa Remix - Diverse Crafts - Paper Circuits

Hi all!

I wanted to share a remix we’re doing at Alameda County Library of the Paper Circuits activity. We’re doing a Kwanzaa Paper Circuit Kinara “Grab and Go” craft, in conjunction with a Kwanzaa-themed storytime and a teaching workshop.

We have been working to do more equity and diversity focused programs, and this activity is part of the ongoing fulfillment of that goal. Frankly speaking, there are practically no STEAM activities designed to reach the black / African - American community. I’m really proud to be able to facilitate this with a black library assistant who is passionate about STEAM and #ownvoices programs.

I’m attaching the activity template here. You’ll notice that it’s deliberately less open-ended than paper circuits are supposed to be. We wanted to spend more time on the meaning of Kwanzaa, and what a circuit is in the first place.

We are mid-design on a circuit template, and I’ll attach that later.

One problem we’re still designing for: how to attach the battery without a clip. Scotch tape kinda works, but isn’t an ideal solution.

We tried copper tape, but it doesn’t seem to work (circuit issue?)
I’m planning to iterate with Chibitronics stickers, but went with leftover LEDs from a prior paper circuit craft.

We’re really excited! Hoping to get this out before the holiday.