How-to videos for PLIX (or any STEAM) activities

I’m putting together one or two PLIX take and make kits in the upcoming months and would like to supplement them with how-to videos that patrons can reference.
I’d love to hear from people who have experience making this sort of video. What kind of software did you use to edit? How did you prepare your workspace? Did you use a time lapse method and document camera or just film yourself like you would in an in-person meeting space scenario?

Hi Francesca,

I’ve done a bunch of STEAM videos. I used an old Kindle, propped up on a windowsill. This was, mostly, successful! I paid to use, which was easy to learn and made editing easier. I uploaded to youtube. I liked doing this rather than Zoom meetings because kids (or adults) could pause the video and catch up.

Good luck!

I’ve used OpenShot and DaVinci Resolve. OpenShot is minimalist. My coworker likes to use Blender, which I haven’t tried using for video editing yet (here’s his Sew a Holiday Stocking). It’s nice to lay things out for people. I believe he may have recorded the audio after.

Kapwing looks cool, I haven’t heard of it. I would bet it has the most useful tools – I did find DaVinci Resolve to be a little overwhelming at times.

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