How to Remix PLIX Activities

Hello, everyone! :wave:

I wanted to share a draft guide we are working on here at PLIX: How to Remix Creative Learning Activities! :cyclone: Before sharing more broadly, we’d love to get some community feedback on the write-up. Please let us know what’s missing!

Ultimately, we’d like to make it easier for folks participating in PLIX to make our activities their own; to adapt them for their particular contexts, events, community interests, etc., and most importantly, to be able to easily share their remixes with other librarians participating in PLIX.

Looking forward to discussion on all things remix! :frog:


Looks nice to me. I would add the link to the forum to share re-mixes. A few more visual clues might help for those who like to scan quickly…
I would stress that you have permission to do whatever works for you. Giving permission is kind of empowering sometimes for rule followers. Otherwise a very good, clear explanation.


I think the most important thing to remember about remixing is that you can remix or change almost anything as long as the core of the program is still there. Good facilitation, using the PLIX model, as well as teaching the core skills and topics of the program. All which of which Avery has laid out in the above guide.

As JacquiV said so wonderfully “give yourself permission”. Try, fail, try, fail, try, and make something new and wonderful.


As a coding nerd I really appreciated the context bar at the top, and the extended reading articles at the bottom!

That being said though, I think this guide might benefit from a sort of ‘quick scan’ bullet point area, maybe with some eye-catching examples/photos/graphics. Part of the appeal of a remix to me, is that you can cater it to whatever your needs are, and whatever time/materials you have. That can mean fully branching out and remaking a new type of program, or condensing the program into something more manageable in the short term. In the same way, the guide could be accessible to folks willing to reshape the program, but also librarians who might be intimidated by the larger PLIX format and just want a quick scan of what their options are.

Let me know if that makes sense and thanks for sharing!


In the Ambassadors meeting yesterday, @ckyauk pointed us to this very helpful guide from California, put together by PLIX friends @Pamela_Van_Halsema and Lisa Regalla. In particular, he pointed us to pages 170+ with so many great forms. We may make a version of this that lines up with the PLIX activities, as a blank form to guide your remixing, or that you can open and edit for each activity. It sounded like others really like the comfort that program plan forms provide. What would you add or change on such a form?


I really like how clear the language is in this document. I’m especially interested in the “sharing your remixes” part since I am always inspired by seeing other people’s interpretations.
It’s very popular in library culture to share our ideas and inspirations for programs with other librarians, just like we are driven share knowledge with our communities and patrons. I think we are remixers by nature.