Hour of Code in your library?

What is everyone doing for Hour of Code coming up next week? There are a ton of resources online. Wondering how you all are delivering this content, or if you are. Here are the obvious links to activities. Please add on any other interesting ones you find :slight_smile:

[Hour of Code Teacher Resources | Code.org] Hour of Code Teacher Resources | Code.org

[Hour of Code™ 2020 - CS First] https://csfirst.withgoogle.com/s/en/hourofcode

[Girls Who Code | Code At Home] Girls Who Code | Code At Home

[Microsoft MakeCode Arcade Hour of Code 2020] Hour of Code


I like turtle.audio for coding music and sound samples.

And this is a resource I put together for using turtle.audio to code sounds for Scratch games:

Another obvious but super great resource is the PDF of Scratch coding cards:

And PLIX provides awesome tips for using these cards in the activity repository :blush:

Curious how this goes for everyone! @Dave and @JacquiV, would love to hear what sorts of programming you supported during Hour of Code, if any!

I usually visit elementary schools with coding activities during CSEdWeek. This year I had planned to do activities via Zoom but they were cancelled. I’ve been showcasing a fun coding project I saw on Twitter to children visiting the library this week. Keeping social distancing in mind, I share my laptop with kids to check out the code and play with the project.
I remixed this cool Nose Pen project on Adacraft into an Eye Pens project where you paint the computer screen with your eyes!

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Just checking back here and saw your awesome project. I have used scratch a lot but didn’t know about adacraft. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

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Yeah I recently learned about adacraft.org, too. And Scratch Lab was featuring these face-sensing experimental blocks this past month: Scratch Lab: Extending Creative Possibilities and Play | by The Scratch Team | The Scratch Team Blog | Feb, 2021 | Medium
These are so cool!
Face Sensing - Scratch Lab

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The 2021 Hour of Code is next week in case anyone is interested in activities.

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Scratch + Makey Makey non-PLIX workshop Wednesday, Dec. 8th!
Many of you have told us about your Makey Makey experiences. While we don’t have a PLIX activity for it, it’s another great thing that came out of the MIT Media Lab. We got this note from The Scratch Team as an event during Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek), a global event occurring from December 6-12.

Beyond the Banana Webinar
Join us for Beyond the Banana: Make Music with Makey Makey + Scratch where Scratchers can explore the magical musical world of Scratch and Makey Makey! We’re excited to be partnering with Makey Makey to host this free webinar on December 8th. Webinar Registration - Zoom

Hour of Code Special: Imagine a world where chairs can sing and bananas make melodic pianos. With Makey Makey + Scratch you can digitally duct tape real world items to your Scratch project. That means you can code a musical project that is played by hugging a stuffed animal, drinking a glass of water, or even just sitting on a seat. Join Eric Rosenbaum (Scratch Team) and Colleen Graves (Makey Makey) as they explore the magical musical world of Scratch combined with Makey Makey. Bring your own Makey Makey invention kit to join in the fun or code along without one.

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Thanks for the information! I can’t tell who is hosting this webinar. Is it the Scratch Team? I want to tell my colleagues about this but not sure who to say is running it.

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@JacquiV oh thanks for asking for clarification!
The event is hosted by The Scratch Team. Here’s the tweet they put out:

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Here is an activity that is happening on Dec. 8 for Hour of Code. I volunteer on the board of this non profit in Long Beach and I am hoping to get some of my library patrons registered for this session and we can do it together at the library. Shared Science always offers full scholarships for any programs they offer without any documentation.