Have you made any PLIX-y videos?

When the pandemic struck, I was forced to go virtual with my STEAM programs. Some I did on Zoom, but others I put on Youtube. I liked putting them on Youtube because then if I went too fast with my directions, it was easy to pause the video, catch up and continue.

My programs are all aimed at children. But I’ve tried to find some that are suitable for all ages.

I really enjoyed making this marble run: Erving Public Library presents: STEAM with Jean (week 8) - YouTube
Who doesn’t like playing with mud? Erving Public Library present: STEAM with Jean (week 9) - YouTube
And I had more fun with this underwater scene than I should have! STEAM with Jean (week 23) - YouTube
Lastly, here’s a few magic tricks. Erving Public Library presents: STEAM with Jean (week 21) - YouTube

Hopefully, this is a link to my channel. Jean Daley - YouTube

Did you make any videos? Let’s exchange a few ideas!

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