Futuristic Self-Love Holiday

Holiday gatherings can be overwhelming—what if wearable technologies could help us navigate them better? Join us to imagine a Futuristic Self-Love Holiday for your patrons with technologies that help them understand the mind-body connection. Check out the full PLIX (In)visible Self activity here.

This workshop was run online on Wed Nov 15, 2023.

Use this space to share your creations and ideas!

  • What did you imagine?
  • What did you create?
  • What did you try?

Here’s my social meter crown that flips down to be an eye cover when my social battery is out!

And here’s the flip side:


Resharing what Emily @esouza shared in our workshop today:

Make sure to take a 20-minute break after every 90-minute session of productivity,
more info about ultradian rhythms here: Use the Science of Ultradian Rhythms To Boost Productivity, Energy, and Willpower - Blue Zones

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I have no idea of what to call it but, here is my social sensory detector.
A necklace to be worn that detects all your emotions ie: anxious, happy, sad, scared etc.
When those emotions erupt, it triggers the headphones that play appropriate music.


@Lesa_Cole I could totally see this being someone’s research project!

I’m wondering what mood the music will move the wearer towards. Like, sometimes I would want to watch a very sad movie to have a good cry. Or maybe I wanna be pumped up to be ready to take on something I’ve been procrastinating. I would totally wear this necklace and headphones combo!

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I imagined a way to visually self-monitor how agitated or stressed I was getting. Since I tend to jiggle my leg or tap my fingers or otherwise move body parts, I thought about a wearable that would be within my eyesight and that would easily move about. This way, I would be able to get up and move around or find another way to manage my emotions.

I initially envisioned either a super fancy elongated bracelet thing or a strip that could be easily attached to a shirt sleeve. It would have long quivery somethings coming off of it that would easily shiver at the slightest movement.

I had feathers and paper and blue camo duct tape, so I did what I could…
holiday invisible self love

Definitely my vision had the feather part standing taller and way less pink. :slight_smile:

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I really, really want one!

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