Experimenting with paper sculpture

Hi I am Laurie
I work at The Hive in at CPL in Cambridge MA. I am excited by the PLIX possibilities and collaborations.
I took the inflatables and the Urban ecology workshops. I am sharing some charts I have made in the past to help support learning and ideas. These are just 2 charts showing the possibilities of paper sculpting.


My friend Paola in Italy posted a very similar display to yours! She said she saw it on Pinterest. I wonder if it was yours she saw or you both happened to be inspired by the same thing?

If you were inspired by Pinterest, I’d love to hear more about how you use it :slight_smile: . We’ve been trying to think about how we might want to share more there.

If you are interested you could look at Pepakura Designer. It is a software program that takes 3d images/files and “unfolds” them meaning you can print them cut them out and then build them. This is used a lot in cosplay armor but there is quite a large community around all sorts of things.


Can confirm! I have a Pepakura Designer license, and it is a very powerful tool.

Paper sculpture is something we touched on during week #3 of the Facilitating Creative Workshops course, and I listed (free) alternatives to Pepakura Designer in this topic if you’re curious!

I will say though, if you have the budget and you’re going to make a lot of custom paper models, Pepakura Designer is definitely worth the investment!