Data Gems Play Testing

Share your Data Gems creations and ideas here. (Photos would be great!)

  • What data are meaningful to you?
  • What data are you tracking?
  • What do different parts of your data tracker stand for? the colors? The charms?

I need to remember to stand up and walk and not sit all day.
I’m tracking how many times I get up and stand up every hour.
Each bead is a 15 min block, and they go from blue to red, if I forget to stand up.


Trying to get away from needs/wants, so I went with focused/random as a way to track my spending!


I am using the tracker for 3 things over the next few weeks.

I need to start new habits and be aware of not taking time

to breathe.

I will be tracking the following things

Journaling- What is going on around me? How am I feeling? Just check in.
(I did not get those beads added yet.)
Water- 8 cups per day. Right now I am good at drinking one cup a day.
Walk- I need to get up and intentionally take a walk and enjoy life.
I have a bell to remind me to do that and I hope to at least do this
3-4 times a day and I will use knots for this one.
Very excited to see the changes in how I feel when I get home after
my busy day with the families and friends at the library.

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Ivan - that’s awesome! I also used beads to represent minutes.

Leila, great idea --I like how it looks like you used a … number line organization for your tracker? I didn’t think of using positive/negative counters in that way … If I’m interpreting it correctly, it starts at “0” or neutral and if you bought a random thing you didn’t need, it would be at “-1” but if you bought 3 focused things/or essentials it would move to “2”?

Janea - I was tempted to use the keychain concept too --I love how you can track multiple things with it.

At first I was trying to think of something to track at work, since I could put it on my lanyard and most of us are at work the majority of our day time … I thought about tracking the number of positive or negative patron interactions but I didn’t feel like that would be very beneficial for me personally …

The first tracker I made was inspired by the cute little pizza charm I found with the beads. Each bead represents when I bought a meal/ate out, I also used the colors as another visual reminder. I decided up to 3 times a week was reasonable so the blue/green colors are “calm” but as the number increases, the colors start to intensify (like yellow/orange starting to get into red/danger zone) … XD. It’s also flexible that if I’m reaching my goals, I could adjust it, like only have 3 beads because now I’m aiming to only eat out once a week, so 1 = green, 2 = yellow, 3 = red. The bracelet format was utilized because it’s visible and the stitch marker won’t fall off.

I came up with a second tracker/what I’m actually going to use this week though because I realized that the going out to eat tracker was something more for my husband and not as applicable to myself, so I picked decluttering! It’s a love/hate relationship … but it’s something I’ve been reading about and working on. My husband has asked me before to just set 30 minutes a day to declutter to make it a habit, but I tend to do big stretches on my off day and sometimes it makes me feel like I’m not able to do anything “fun” when I am off, so I do want to try his suggestion. For this weekly decluttering tracker, the beads each represent 30 minutes of time spent decluttering. I alternated the transparent and solid color beads to make a clear visual representation of 1 hour. I put seven hours worth of beads because I thought that ideally, one hour of decluttering a day would almost equal to spending a whole work day decluttering. I will use the duck charm as the marker because it makes me happy to look at, LOL.

I’m curious to see what data you think kids or teens would want to track … The 'zine is very helpful for taking us through the brainstorming process, but I think some of my patrons would want to see other examples/tracking ideas to help spark their inspiration …

Since summer reading is going on, it might be fun to make a tracker for how many minutes/books you read … I also thought of things you are learning, someone mentioned playing guitar, lots of kids/teens have musical instruments to practice. Learning languages, etc.?

I also thought of more … frivolous?/fun ones like in K-Pop fandoms, they have countdowns for the number of days or months until a favorite member returns from their mandatory military enlistment. Weeks until a new book/show/game releases? This would also maybe be a cute way for kids to countdown until a loved one returns from a trip/deployment, countdown until a birthday or other celebration or holiday?


I love the frivolous idea–at the rec center I visited this week the kids had a sign like 213 days until Christmas and 178 days until Whale Appreciation Day! And yes, exactly, I was thinking it’s like a continuum of spending–every week I start at 0 and go up and down into the negative/positive. Decluttering, boss idea, I should def pick that one up!

I also resonate with the decluttering idea! Thinking about larger goals, do I want to declutter because I want to have less clutter or maybe it’s more so that I have space to start new projects?

Am I procrastinating working on fun projects that bring me joy? Maybe I can just shove the clutter under the bed or into a closet so I temporarily have space and time to do something fun for myself? Hmmm.