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Welcome to the PLIX Discussion Forum! The Public Library Innovation Exchange (a.k.a PLIX) develops STEAM learning experiences based on MIT Media Lab research and designed for the public library setting. This site is the home of our PLIX community of practice, where library professionals can come together to share experiences with PLIX activities, ask and answer questions, and reflect on their facilitation practice.

If you’re new here, take a minute to say hello in the thread below! After reading through who’s here, introduce yourself by clicking the “Reply” button.

We’d love to get to know you a bit more – here are some things you could share:

  • What library do you work at?
  • What motivated you to join this community?
  • What is a dream you have for the future of libraries?
  • What is your favorite breakfast food?

We’re excited to have you join us! :robot::rocket::dancer::microscope::crystal_ball::earth_americas::seedling: :sunglasses:

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:hatching_chick:Hi! I’m Lydia, Library Outreach Coordinator for PLIX.

What motivated me to join PLIX was my deep love for public libraries as community spaces and informal learning spaces. While I’m not working in a library right now, I was a page and circulation assistant throughout middle school, high school, and college.

One dream I have for the future of libraries is a universal no-late fee policy. Also, way more funding, but that’s for another thread…

My favorite breakfast food: pancakes from the Krusteaz mix, specifically when they are cooked on a cast-iron skillet with a ton of salted butter. Low-effort, high-reward. :blush:


I work at the Malden Public Library in Malden, Massachusetts.
I wanted to implement more science-oriented programming for all ages and create a relationship between the Malden Public Library and MIT.
I want to see libraries become centers of innovation, where we provide the tools and the space necessary for collaboration, finding information, and creation.
I love making breakfast bowls; eggs are a must.


Hello! I’m Heather Maganzini and I work at the Tewksbury Public Library in Tewksbury, MA, USA.

I am interested in joining this community for a variety of reasons! I am interested in libraries as learning hubs for the community, I am interested in integrating technology into libraries, and I am also interested because I am a person who runs programs at my library, so I like to get as many ideas as possible. It’s great to have a network of like minded people who are open to sharing ideas.

For the future of libraries, I dream of being able to host all sorts of free technology learning classes for my community, regardless of age or prior experience with technology.

My favorite breakfast has to be a breakfast sandwich, either a bagel or English muffin, with bacon, egg, cheese, and avocado. Fun and exciting sauces are always a bonus as well!


Hi everyone! :wave: I’m Katherine!

I’m the Assistant Director of the Learning Initiative at the MIT Media Lab. PLIX is one of our programs, so I’m also a proud member of the PLIX team :smiley:

I’m not a librarian, but I am huge library fan & ally. I think public libraries are often undervalued or misunderstood, but I love them because they are public, open, exploratory, and focused on serving their communities. To me, these are all key ingredients for a supportive and inclusive learning environment – and personally, I am interested in how to design learning experiences that embody these values.

In terms of breakfast… I love love love a breakfast taco. My ideal: flour tortilla, egg, black beans, potatoes, cheese, and fresh green salsa! :taco:


Hello! - I’m Seth Ervin.

  • I work for Charlotte Mecklenburg Library as the Chief Innovation Officer.
  • I joined this community because I’m impressed at the work the MIT MediaLab does, so of course I want to be a part of that.
  • I want Libraries to rule the world - but seriously, I think libraries can influence their local body politic to be more humane, better, and more efficient.
  • Coffee. Everything else is gravy.

Hi! I’m Eva, Children’s Librarian at Wellesley Free Library.

I am interested in sharing and learning together to create the best library environment in my community and globally. I believe strongly that libraries are the central hub for fostering a healthy, engaged, and informed citizenry as a trusted free and open third space for communities.

Yes, and I also dream of no late fees, but also, if we are really dreaming, “no cost for lost books” or any other barrier to access.

We have chickens at home in our backyard and end up with farm fresh eggs daily, so my breakfast of choice is over-medium eggs on toasted wheat, but honestly, I pretty much love all breakfast foods.


Yes, COFFEE:) Agreed, Eva


I have chickens, too! Four :wink:


Hey everyone,
My name is Zach Stier and I am head of children’s services at Ericson Public Library in Boone, Iowa. I was motivated to join this community from my trip to Boston a few years back. I completed a certificate at Harvard and part of the experience was visiting MIT. My dream for libraries is to solve the digital divide to ensure all patrons have access to the internet and strong broadband. Breakfast is not something I eat during the week. On the week I have a feast. One of favorite breakfast food is a French omelette.


Hi all. I’m the Youth Services Manager at the Martin Luther King Library at DC Public Library. (Right now I’m wearing many hats and supporting 3 branch libraries while we’re all in covid-land.)

Programming and services are key to engage youth and their communities, so I’m excited to be here to see how we can collectively work together to innovate and iterate.

I want libraries to be a place for exploration and whimsy for everyone.

My favorite breakfast food is definitely a bagel sandwich…content is up to you! sometimes, it’s all veggies, sometimes only an egg, sometimes the works!


Hi everyone! I’m Khyra Lammers from the Free Library of Philadelphia.

I’ve really enjoyed the workshops that PLIX has offered during the past few months. I had the opportunity to discuss activities with librarians from all over which is not something I get to do in my daily work. In the most recent session I attended, I met a librarian from Denmark, which was pretty cool! I’m happy to join this community to continue learning more about what PLIX has to offer as well as meeting staff from other library systems.

My dream for libraries has to do with funding as well. My dream is not only that libraries have an increase in funding, but that the funding is distributed in an equitable way to support community needs. It is no secret that the Free Library of Philadelphia in particular has not addressed issues around racism and in a city with a large Black and Brown population, it spells trouble for both employees and patrons. As a Black employee, I’m committed to supporting FLP to make institutional changes, and a large part of that is linking funding to equitable initiatives.

Unpopular opinion: My favorite meal of the day is dinner :sweat_smile: so I’m not huge on breakfast foods. However, breakfasts that resemble dinner are probably my favorites! Think Steak with eggs and home fries, or a burger with an over-easy egg.

I’m looking forward to more conversations with everyone!


Hi! Alison Mitchell from the Somerville (MA) Public Library, West Branch.

I’m so impressed with everything PLIX does, and welcome the opportunity to interact with different people doing similar things.

My dream for libraries is all about community – the library as a community center.

Breakfast? I love leftovers for breakfast!



I am also not a librarian, but perhaps one day! lol


Hi everyone! I’m Dave Fink and I am a Youth Services Librarian (Assistant YS Manager) at Michigan City Public Library in NW Indiana.
I joined this community because I love to see what other libraries are doing in their communities and I love to share ideas with other people! Plus the PLIX community is made up of some pretty cool, wonderful people.
My dream for the future of libraries is that they continue to be places of discovery, accessible to communities everywhere!
Coffee and apple pie make for a pretty tasty breakfast.


I also love pie for breakfast! :pie:


Hi there! I’m Jenn, a Library Coordinator at the Free Library of Philadelphia.

I’ve really enjoyed becoming familiar with the Plix projects and look forward to becoming more so. I really love bringing cool programs, ideas, and opportunities to all of our neighborhood libraries.

In terms of library dreams, I’m a huge proponent of so much that’s already been mentioned. Good, steady funding; full and equitable staffing; enough open hours to meet neighborhood needs; robust collections; opportunities for growth and development; tons of community engagement and so much more!

And I love pretty much all breakfast food (although not necessarily as soon as I wake up - that’s coffee time), but special shout out to blueberry pancakes and breakfast burritos.


Hi all!

I’m from the Toledo Lucas County Public Library Main Branch, my position is the Studio Lab Supervisor and Assistant Manager of Computers and Media. And no, that title doesn’t fit on a business card :wink:

My colleague introduced me to PLIX and I was able to attend the PLIX online conference earlier this year. All of the projects were so interesting I had a hard time choosing a break out group! I look forward to making STEAM programming more accessible, engaging, and community driven!

My dream for the future of libraries is to fully embody the idea of the community hub. I would love for our libraries to be embraced as community stake holders and be seen as resources to help contribute to larger community conversations especially in relation to social services, education, employment, connectivity etc. I think that we are in a unique position to be a connector between community organizations and I’d like the library to be one of the first organizations that comes to mind when it comes to collaboration.

My favorite breakfast food is a french omelet. The devastating part is I have only tasted one and need to learn how to make them! @learnerpotential any tips?


Hi, i’m Thomas from Ballerup Library in Denmark. We are motivated by working across “borders”, to solve some of the UN substainable development goals together. I think the substainable development goals are the future of the libraries, it’s a common language witch every one understands - the big why? We are already doing a lot concerning reading and providing non-fake news - but we could do much more, involving our communities in action with the libraries as the local starting point.

  • Scrambled eggs .-)

Hi everyone!

I just started with the PLIX team last week, but I feel like I’ve been a part of this community for many years, having worked on similar projects both at MIT and in the maker community in the Bay Area / around the world. (fun fact: While I don’t work for a library now, my first job ever, in HS, was as a Page for Fountain Valley Public Library in southern California. The children’s librarian Leticia saw my interest in her programming, so we often snuck some of my hours into helping her prepare.)

I joined PLIX because I love nothing better than designing events / experiences for creative learning — what a bonus that I get to do it with people who want to make the world better!

A dream I have for the future of libraries is that a wider range of the community (~100%) discovers what an extraordinary, egalitarian resource they are! All our local libraries have abolished late fees so that is my hope for all patrons everywhere, and the funding to make it and more happen. I also hope libraries may become centers for playful connection with others. [I happen to have been an avid attendee of Berkeley (CA)'s weekly game night, until it paused for lockdown.]

I have earl grey tea with a dash of milk every morning, but I usually don’t eat breakfast until around lunchtime: plain yogurt with nuts/seeds and whatever fruit’s in season—this week some nectarines. On special occasions we’ll eat palačinky, but more often that’s dinner at our house!