Celebrating and Remember the Women who Influenced Us

As many of our PLIX librarians are women, and as part of our continued appreciation and love for them, join us this Women’s History Month to shine a light on the stories of the women of our times.

  • Who were the women in your lives that had a major impact on who you are today?
  • If you’d like, try our Paper Circuits activity with the prompt “Celebrating and Remembering the Women who Influenced Us”
  • Check out our Emmi and Vivian’s (our PLIX Interns) creations and stories below.

And thank you for being here with us!


For Women’s History Month, I want to take some extra time to celebrate my first and truest friend, my mom. It was difficult to decide how to represent so many memories in one project, so I decided to pick all my favorite ones, which made me realize that they were all connected.

Growing up, and even now, my mom was big on roadtrips. She loves driving and she loves being with her family, so I guess it makes sense that roadtripping was such a big hit for her. She always mentions how she never feels more free than when we’re on the road, and she has a talent for looking at every new place as if it’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen.

Even when we weren’t on roadtrips and she was simply driving me to school or to the mall, she made it an event. She would, and still does, hold my hand as we sing some of our on-the-road songs, and it just feel like you’re having the best time of your life.

My mom is big on independence too, so when I was old enough to get my license, the first thing she did was plan my first mini roadtrip. I drove 4 hours to Orlando from Miami, and I’ve never felt more accomplished or connected to her. My back was sore and my neck was tight, but I was so happy to have been following in her steps.

So to my mom, from Cuba to Miami to North Carolina, from a 24 hour drive to New York to a 10 minute drive to school, thank you for everything.

p.s. she saw how bare the West coast looked on this map and is planning on doing something about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Like Vivian, I decided to celebrate my mom for Women’s History Month. She inspires me everyday with her quiet confidence and wisdom; even now, she is the strongest woman I know.

Both of my parents are officers in the Navy, meaning that growing up, they would often have to deploy overseas or across the country for weeks - or months - at a time. As one could imagine, this was incredibly difficult for me as young child who wanted nothing more than to have her mom by her side. However, when the Navy called, my parents had no other choice than to listen.

Yet my mom made sure to remind my my sister and that her guiding presence followed us no matter where she was in the world. At the end of our daily phone calls, she would tell us to look up at the night sky before we went to bed. No matter what, she would say, know that you and I are looking up at the same moon. On those nights, for a moment, I felt like she was right beside me.

To honor these memories, I have created a night-light with three panels showing this quote, the moon, and a silhoutte of her holding my hand as we gaze into the sky. It’s a simple project, but it represents so much about my mom - her profound sacrifice, her dedicated service, and her unwavering love for her daughters. :heart: