Cards to help facilitate

I came across this set of cards that some maker educators use to help to unstick participants. I think many of them would work great in library based events too! They set up a “Stuck Station”, and it makes getting suggestions for finding one’s way out of a standstill in a project a lot more fun. While I haven’t used these, I can imagine having tools like this would ease some of the pressure on the facilitators who may want to help many participants at once.

Developed with our neighbors at the Playful Journey Lab within MIT’s Office of Open Learning, you can find the PDFs are available as part of the Stuck Station in the Beyond Rubrics toolkit:

I love Natalie Rusk’s Scratch Coding Cards too (also available as a printed set from No Starch Press).

While at Maker Faire, we developed a set of Conversation Starters. These could be adapted to be a set of questions good for end-of-tinkering share-outs

Has anyone seen other card sets that are great for facilitation?


Love this idea. I could see this being used in so many ways!


I like that idea, too. We all get stuck from time to time.

I shared the Scratch Coding Cards and now my colleague wants to print the whole batch! :smiley: