Can we get to 100 users by Friday? (plus, dogs in costumes)

Hey everyone, I am here to ask for your help… (I feel like with this opener it looks like I’m writing one of those late-night political donation solicitation emails but I swear I’m not :joy:)

…to get us to 100 users by the end of the week!! We are only 30 users away and I know we can do it! Invite a colleague, a friend, an enemy(?)—someone you think would be interested in joining our PLIX Forum!

The goal of making this forum was to create a space where library professionals could come together to share experiences with PLIX activities, ask and answer questions, and reflect on their facilitation practice. So far, based on all of the wonderful discussions happening on the platform, I think we are all achieving this goal. So let’s get more people on here! :tada: :tada:

Thank you everyone for your wonderful ideas for new take-and-makes, introductions to new platforms for us all to try, your TV & breakfast recommendations… the list goes on. We’ve all learned so much from each other! :slight_smile:

(P.S. You can invite someone by sending them the link to the forum: :computer:)

Also, completely unrelated, but since it is October I thought I would share some dogs in costumes. :ghost:


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Just want to add to the gallery –

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