Beautiful Symmetry Make'n'Meet Reflections

Share your explorations and reflections from the make’n’meet here!

I enjoyed yesterday’s Beautiful Symmetry Make’n’Meet workshop and look forward to creating a similar program for the children at Jerome Park Library. Here is the symmetry image I created.

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Hi again @Flo4Sal Florence! Thank you for sharing your creation :magic_wand: here.

Could you remind me of the name of the church in Spain this symmetry is based on?

Hi Ada,

It’s La Sagrada Familia. Gaudí began building it over 300 years ago. It is currently still being worked on. During the tour we were told that Spain hopes to have it completed by 2024 but I doubt that will occur. They have selected public property for the front entrance. That means the apartment buildings and local businesses would be displaced. It makes no sense. The entrance that is opened would be a better option.

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I forgot to mention this particular image is the chapel dedicated to Our Lady, Jesus’ mother.

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Thanks for the update @Flo4Sal I’ll plan a trip for 2024!

It’s really hard to imagine how such a grand vision planned beyond a person’s lifetime can affect the local population. I hope they address this issue with great consideration.