About the Spatial Poetry 🌍 category

PLIX Spatial Poetry combines the expressive flexibility of poetic language and technical skills behind local data research to encourage a re-imagination of maps and renewed understanding of place. Poems have historically influenced many of the place names we know today. Contemporary poets rethink the ties between language, place and belonging. Similarly, participants will become aware issues of place-naming in America, particularly its historical ties to colonization, and possibly connect with local renaming campaigns or future naming initiatives where they live. It draws on current topics in geography, poetry, and journalism. Use this subcategory to share your experiences running the activity, troubleshoot with other librarians, share examples that you have made, and more!

Check out this poem I came across today. Could be a great example for a Spatial Poetry workshop: 109 Bermuda by Kenzie Allen - Poems | Academy of American Poets